Mothermik GmbH
Industriestr. 3
56291 Pfalzfeld


As a manufacturing, medium-sized company we solely develop MHKW-systems and their corresponding components. Furthermore, we do not produce components or sub-units for third parties. We are an independent company, autonomous from suppliers or other interests, which derives its powers only from our own fruits of the MHKW-business.

Already from this constellation results the urgent necessity to decide always and exclusively in the sense of the best technology. It is inevitable to purchase major components such as engines and generators. However, to the best of our knowledge only high-quality components are being purchased and are sometimes modified for the MHKW-employment. Despite the normal in-part close co-operation with wholesale distributors, there are absolutely no dependencies.

One of the key aspects in our today’s 20 year old company history, has always been to select the best at the market freely. A further important part is a whole range of internal developments, patents and also procedure patents from our own development, which complete our specialised knowledge and protect them from the outside. It is guaranteed, that we focus all of our attention on the issues of the decentralised energy-thermal coupling and employ all our energy for it.

This basis is and remains a reliable fundament for our customers and of course also for us. In order to get and maintain a direct and wide-ranging influence on our products, we develop and manufacture as far as possible, unlike common work-sharing considerations, all major components ourselves. Thus, we can react to the latest findings in most cases rapidly and reliably and are still able to preserve the continuity of the existing systems.

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